BuildMyBod Health founder, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan speaking at the 24th annual meeting of Becker’s ASC Review in Chicago. As one of the largest industry meetings that help hospitals and ambulatory surgery center’s (ASC’s) achieve first-in-class best practices, this is recognition of the new-found importance of price transparency in healthcare.


Becker’s Healthcare and BuildMyBod

BuildMyBod allows consumers to visit a doctor or facility’s website to view their various services. They can then add procedures-of-interest to their “wishlist” and after submitting their wishlist along with their contact info, pricing info is automatically and instantly downloaded and emailed to the consumer. The patient gets instant gratification in the form of out-of-pocket pricing information and the healthcare provider receives the consumer’s contact info – a lead.


The need to know out-of-pocket healthcare costs is of rising importance because more consumers have high-deductible health plans. When you have to spend $5000 to $6000 out of pocket before your insurance kicks in, you want and need to know what various services like lab tests, colonoscopies and X-rays will cost because consumers will be shouldering more of those costs.


While BuildMyBod Health started with out-of-pocket pricing information for cosmetic services, they have expanded to medically necessary services. Now that the consumer pays thousands of dollars out of pocket, there’s no difference between a boob job and a full body MRI!


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